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Together, we make things happen

Driving growth by partnering with management to execute transformational agendas and reinvigorate consumer brands. 

About High Bluff Capital Partners

High Bluff Capital Partners is a private investment firm that specializes in making control-oriented equity investments in iconic consumer-facing companies. The firm’s team has over 30 years of experience managing, investing, leading and transforming consumer businesses across the restaurant, entertainment, food, beverage and retail markets. High Bluff is based in San Diego, California. 

Why Choose High Bluff?

Value Investments

We make value investments in consumer brands with historically strong concepts.

Significant Growth

We partner with management teams to drive significant growth through transformational agendas, targeted capital, strategic innovation, sophisticated analytics, and deep operational expertise.

Back Office Platforms

We build scalable back-office platforms across industry verticals to achieve efficiencies without sacrificing support and service quality.

Support Future Growth

We invest in strategic initiatives, accretive acquisitions, technology, and people to support future growth.

Industries We Serve

High Bluff Capital Partners primarily focuses on the restaurant, entertainment, and food & beverage industries. 





Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

What's New?

Wondering what’s new here at High Bluff Capital Partners? 

Explore below to find more about our recent investments and acquisitions.

High Bluff Capital Partners Team

"High Bluff Capital Partners has extensive experience in their field of work, which yields incredible results! They are the first investment firm I’ve ever worked with, and I’m extremely satisfied with how my money has been spent thus far."
Timothy S.
“Anand’s years of experience shine through his work, I wouldn’t go anywhere else when seeking a private investment firm.”
Johnathan B.
“Anand’s team of professionals knows exactly how to get the job done. Their note-worthy experiences all come together seamlessly to create a trustworthy investment portfolio.”
Angela T.
“The team at High Bluff is no joke! They each have impressive backgrounds that span every financial topic. This type of experience is exactly what I was looking for when I was seeking out a private investment firm to invest in, and High Bluff Capital Partners has not disappointed!"
Simone A.